Reni Gower
Constructs which features eleven artists from Virginia (Sally Bowring, Don Crow, Steven Cushner, Reni Gower, Chris Gregson, Steven Griffin, Ray Kass, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, Javier Tapia, Dan Treado) focuses on abstract painting that highlights singular works of art fabricated through the combination of many elements. While some echo traditional easel painting, others are multi-part assemblages that extend painting's reach into the realm of installation. With comparable sensibilities toward color, shape, and gesture, these artists explore painting through the inventive use of collage, innovative construction techniques, or conceptually structured frameworks.

As a living, breathing exhibition, each installation is a "constructs" in itself that reflects the evolving creative process of the artists by featuring new works at each venue. The exhibition began traveling in June 2005. To date, it has traveled to 11 national / regional venues. Panel discussions and guest artist lectures are also held in conjunction with this show.