Compulsory Measures
Reni Gower Compulsory Measures
Compulsory Measures
Ongoing - 2019

In response to a culture saturated with devices that distance, digitize and disembody, the artists in COMPULSORY MEASURES embrace repetition and ritual as mindful strategies to ascertain meaning. Bordering on the obsessive, Jorge Benitez, Kristy Deetz, Al Denyer, Joan Elliott, Reni Gower, Steven Pearson, Jennifer Printz, and Tanja Softić provide lifelines for “making sense” out of the chaos entrenched in contemporary society. By utilizing complex systems, intricate patterning, repetitive marking, or minute detail; COMPULSORY MEASURES offers revelatory and celebratory works slowly crafted by hand.

2019 - Esther Prangley Rice Gallery, McDaniel College, Westminster, MD
2019 - The Art Museum SUNY Potsdam, NY
2020 - International Museum of Art and Sciences, McAllen, TX
2020 - Pauly Friedman Art Gallery, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA
2022 - Gumenick Gallery, Glen Allen, VA
2023 - Piedmont Art Museum, Martinsville, VA
2024 - Howard County Art Center, Ellicott City, MD