My work is inspired by sacred geometry, which is thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world.  By reiterating these patterns and ratios, my work unlocks the language of abstraction through the collective recognition of geometric perfection that is evident in ethnic patterns all around the world.  This commonality creates connections.   As such, my work is a perfect conduit for cross-cultural conversations that embrace our shared humanity through mindfulness and mutual respect.
Mixed Media Paintings and Works on Paper:  My mixed media artwork is a blend of painting and sculpture that has evolved from flat collages (91” x 26” or larger) to three-dimensional constructions (91” x 104” x 73” or smaller). Paint is applied to a variety of materials (canvas, cheesecloth, nylon and aluminum screens, plastic, rug-hold, wood) that are suspended in layers of various widths from wooden support structures.  Alternatively, my works on paper and encaustic pieces are highly detailed and transparently or opaquely layered illusions.  In all approaches, I blend fluid improvisational painting methods with repetitively structured and analytical ones to create complex images that counter visual skimming.  I incorporate the circle as a repetitive decorative motif, as a metaphor for binary code, and as a cultural symbol of continuity and infinity.  Through intricate patterning, I combine these references to contrast passive technological consumption with the redemptive nuance of slow work made by hand.  By creating a private space within a public one, my art quiets the mind and encourages contemplation.

Papercuts, GPS Prints, Pulp and Encaustic Paintings:  For these works, I create interlocking stencils based upon Celtic knotwork and Islamic ornamental tiles.  For the papercuts, the stencils are traced and hand cut into single sheets of paper.  For the prints and paintings, the stencils are used to create complex patterns on paper or in handmade paper with pulped painting techniques, acrylic paint or encaustic.   I work slowly to create artwork that fosters mindfulness.  Enticed through touch, repetition, and beauty, this work also encourages a physical and contemplative slowing down.  By embracing the redemptive effect of highly focused methodical work made by hand, these works transform a shared encounter into a meditation that quiets the nonstop noise of our time. 
Artist as Curator
In addition to my studio practice, I have curated award-winning traveling exhibitions for over 20 years.  See Curatorial Projects / Wylie Contemporary, Inc for all the details.