The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic
Reni Gower The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic
The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic
2009 - 2006

The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic featured the seductive surface, luminous color, and ethereal image layering unique to the encaustic medium. Eight artists (Kristy Deetz, Peter Dykhuis, Lorraine Glessner, Cheryl Goldsleger, Reni Gower, Heather Harvey, Jeffrey Hirst, Timothy McDowell) approached the process from distinctive perspectives that often incorporated scraping, burning, burnishing, incising, dipping, or pouring, as well as painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, or installation. Numerous conceptual links transcended the artists' interest in this malleable material. Buried images, fragmented hybrids, or hidden codes of natural and industrial order, all translated into works infused with a poetic beauty and sensual materiality.

As an unique addition to the exhibition, the workshops took many forms. Presented either as an overview on encaustic painting by one artist or as unique interactive stations by up to six artists, the workshops were an important component of the extended educational outreach at 4 universities and one art center.

2006 - Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
2007 - UTSA Gallery, University of Texas–San Antonio
2008 - McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX
2008 - McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA
2008 - Museum of the Arts / Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA
2009 - Staniar Gallery, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

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